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Clash Of Cosmos is a strategic card game built on the blockchain and utilizes the power of NFT's to create an immersive experience like no other. Players will initially have access to three different types of cards that each play a significant roll in the outcome of each battle.

During initial launch these cards will consist of Races, Worlds and finally Galaxies each preforming a specific function. Races, are your front line warriors that play a significant role in the outcome of each battle. Some Races are weak to others and vice versa while others create powerful synergies when paired with worlds or galaxies.

Worlds will offer the player a base set of stats going into any duel. They are the core of every battle and having a strong world will be essential to your gameplan. Galaxies offer a stat boost to either the players world, races or both. These are support cards and are invaluable to any players looking for an edge in their conquest of the cosmos.

Clash Of Cosmos will have a deep and engaging story to go along with it's strategic gameplay.

Will you join the might of the Kaplan Empire and strike fear into all those who oppose you or will you look to heal the cosmos with the controversial terraforming technology of the Vox? Maybe you'll look to plunder ancient worlds of their resources and treasure with the Makivan scavengers. The choice is yours.

Ezaq Kozmus, The Prince Of Cosmos, The son of Stars, Edracki or Quristar. He has been known by many names over the millennia by all Races in the cosmos. The one thing that all agree on is he is the true born son of the Cosmos, the creator of all and the one being of the universe.

On earth, and through loose translation the people have affectionately named him "BabyCosmos". His soul tokens have littered the universe during the 1st incursion. Every race values these tokens for one reason or another. As a status symbol, a fuel for their war machine or for scientific reasons, it matters little.

And as 'you the player' will find, you must also possess to fuel your taste for battle.


Preview of NFT's

Every Actual NFT is 3d Rendered & Animated

Reflective Utility

  • Clash of Cosmos has a number of utility dynamics baked directly into the core game architecture and NFT collectable assets.
  • The BabyCosmos Token is a reflective token that is used to power the Clash of Cosmos NFT Based Strategy Game.
  • The BabyCosmos holder will earn Cosmos, ATOM Reflections which are detached from the core token every hour based on volume and holding position.
  • The BabyCosmos Core Token will be used as game fuel to enter battles against other opponents and wager pot sizes of the core token for winnings.
  • The Limited Release NFT collectable custom hand crafted 3d encoded Game Cards of Planets, Races, Galaxies and Cosmos per season are encoded with their specific value data making cheating impossible and ever increasing in NFT collectable value.
  • Every single game by any player will yield a winning reward of the BabyCosmos Token creating a reflective event of reward disbursement to every holder.
  • The NFT game cards are tradable, transferable and wageable in the game architecture based on numerated value of the NFT.
  • A NFT Swap marketplace fueled by the BabyCosmos token will be developed to allow for direct player to player swaps of collectable game cards.
  • 10 Seasons of 126 worlds, 32 galaxies, 12 races and 16 Cosmos are planned totaling over 1,840 custom hand designed 3d rendered NFT game cards with various collectable and strategic values across 4 core classes.

Animated NFT Preview


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Limited Release Set 1

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Clash of Cosmos

Battle For Solara Prologue



The question remains seared into the minds of all races within the cosmos. How far would the Vox have taken their unholy crusade of terror and who would have been left to stop them? The Makivan know this terror better then most. Their home world destroyed and countless dead, they have suffered greatly at the hands of the Vox. Without the aide of the Kaplan and the decisive intervention by the Dioxis, there may have been one less race in the vastness of space. Our story begins with the most unlikely of creature. Small even by Sol standards, this mere boy begins a butterfly effect of events that will shape the very essence of the cosmos and all those who inhabit it. A friendship with a celestial being is never a simple occurrence, and this one was no different. Who would have ever imagined that a ever innocent harmony between two children would spark the greatest conflict ever known to the Sol people?. Who's nightmare could have ever predicted...

Clash Of Cosmos Race Guide


The Vox

The Vox are a humanoid race of hyper intelligent beings that dominate a vast section of the outer rim. While not physically imposing by any means, the Vox make up for this short coming with intellectual prowess. At a constant tension with other races such as the Makivan and Kaplan empire, many see the Vox as a brutal and emotionless race while they view themselves as divine beings born of the cosmos to cleanse the universe from all those they deem "impure"

The Dioxis

The Dioxis are a reptilian race of beings that inhabit the core and outer rim of the Redina Galaxy. A mysterious race with little documentation the Dioxis first came to light during the Vox wars. Proving extremely effective in invasion and assassination tactics the Dioxis quickly gained a fearsome reputation. Having been the only known race to successfully thwart a Vox terra bombing campaign, the Dioxis have cemented their place in the universe

Makivan Scavengers

The Makivan are a humanoid race closely resembling humans. Seen as inferior to the Vox, the Makivan where heavily targeted during the Vox wars and used as an example and experiment to the destructive power of The Vox terra bombs. Having their home world destroyed along with nearly all settlements, the Makivan now travel in a nomadic fashion in attempt to rediscover a home world.

The Aquazar

A race of peaceful aquatic beings, the Aquazar are isolated to a small handful of liquid based planets within their native solar system. Those who have made contact with the Aquazar have reported the inquisitive and cunning nature of this race. Well versed in sea based warfare some races have seeked to recruit these beings for use in their armies, but to no avail. The Xion Covenant attempted to broker a deal with the Aquazar in adopting them into their regime but was met with a furious denial and nearly lost an entire boarding detachment as retaliation. Although limited in their cosmic reach, an invasion of Aquazar planets is sure to end in failure.

The Kaplan Empire

The Kaplan are a warlike race of bipedal beings that dominate the core of the Quatar Nebula and along the outer reaches of the Nervox Galaxy. A race obsessed with conquest and territory the Kaplan are most at home in the middle of a war zone. Terrifying energy weapons along with the use of traditional blades make for a fearsome opponent. Although at constant odds with the Vox, they do not share the same hatred for the Makivan scavengers and even loosely allied during the Vox wars. warships, weapons and empires describe the Kaplan perfectly.

The Koth

The Koth are an artificially intelligent race of cybernetic organisms that are constantly expanding their sphere of influence at an alarming rate. Thought to be the byproduct of a Vox experiment gone wrong, the irony of the Koth alliance with enemies of the tyrannical race can not be overshadowed. Unusually, the Koth appear to have an affinity for nature and seem drawn to protecting the vulnerable. Little is known of the Koth and even less of their motivations but what is certain is that the machine race is not to be trifled with and the absolute destructive power of their "Hyperlink" system can not be ignored.

The Pyre Collective

The Pyre are a humanoid race of extremely temperature resistant beings that inhabit a small territory within the Flame Nebula. Able to heat their body to levels that would cause damage to most species, the Pyre have used this ability in combat since before the invention of energy weapons. Using the technology of amplifier gauntlets, the Pyre are able to eject tremendous amounts of heat from their arms that often ignites on contact with organic material. Because of this, the Pyre thrive in hand to hand combat and have developed a style of war to facilitate these abilities. Having a lack of ranged weapon technology being their only short coming, the Pyre are fearsome warriors that have garnered respect within the cosmos.

The Sol

The Sol are an ever peaceful race of humanoid beings. Although powerful in their use of telepathy the Sol shy away from conflict as much as possible. Although quite capable in space travel, the Sol prefer to stay within their own solar system and densely populate their home world of Solara. The Sol have earned the respect of nearly all factions within the universe for these very reasons but the most prominent being the fact a Sol woman is said to have given birth to Prince Cosmos. Because of this even the most savage of races tend to leave the Sol alone. This is further protected by the countless treaties and positive relationships between factions. Attack the Sol and you will quickly find your home destroyed by a Vox terra bomb, a Kaplan Warship or a Dioxis invasion.


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Fueled by the BabyCosmos Token
Hold BabyCosmos, Earn Atom.


Start Collecting Now on OpenSea

Limited Release Set 1

The first limited and most collectible / valuable partial release of set 1 "The Battle for Solara" is now available on OpenSea.


We want to create something everyone can be proud of. A project with a smooth looking long term chart, led by developers with good intentions and a team that wants to create sustainable growth for investors.

We believe this can only be achieved by being fully transparent. In that sense, we are not shying away from the fact that most tokens in the defi space are genuinely lacking “intrinsic value”, and we have adjusted our approach accordingly.

Moving forward, all we want is to create a fun environment and unite our community behind one goal: The Moon. Learning from our own experience, and previously successful projects, we believe there is no reason to shy away from the truth, and leverage it to our advantage.

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